Mr Yannick Gilanyi

Casual Academic
Medicine & Health
School of Health Sciences
  • Journal articles | 2024
    Gilanyi YL; Rizzo RRN; Sharma S; Venter M; McAuley JH; Jones MD, 2024, 'A Qualitative Study Identifying Barriers and Enablers to Exercise Adherence in People with Chronic Low Back Pain. “It's a personal journey”', Journal of Pain, 25, pp. 104488,
    Journal articles | 2024
    Gilanyi YL; Shah B; Cashin AG; Gibbs MT; Bellamy J; Day R; McAuley JH; Jones MD; McAuley J; Bellamy J; Gibbs M, 2024, 'Barriers and enablers to exercise adherence in people with nonspecific chronic low back pain: a systematic review of qualitative evidence.', Pain,
    Journal articles | 2023
    Gibbs MT; Hayden JA; Cashin AG; Shah B; Gilanyi YL; Natoli A; Holmes G; Ogilvie R; Hagstrom AD; McAuley JH; Marshall PW; Jones MD; Hagstrom M, 2023, 'Are Exercise Interventions in Clinical Trials for Chronic Low Back Pain Dosed Appropriately to Meet the World Health Organization's Physical Activity Guidelines?', Physical Therapy, 104, pp. pzad114,
    Journal articles | 2023
    Gilanyi YL; Wewege MA; Shah B; Cashin AG; Williams CM; Davidson SRE; McAuley JH; Jones MD, 2023, 'Exercise Increases Pain Self-efficacy in Adults With Nonspecific Chronic Low Back Pain: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis', Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy, 53, pp. 335 - 342,
    Journal articles | 2022
    Shah B; Wewege MA; Gilanyi YL; Clifford BK; Devonshire JJ; McAuley JH; Jones MD, 2022, 'Effects of a single exercise session on pain intensity in adults with chronic pain: a systematic review and meta-analysis', Musculoskeletal Science and Practice, 62, pp. 102679,
    Journal articles | 2022
    Wewege MA; Hansford HJ; Shah B; Gilanyi YL; Douglas SRG; Parmenter BJ; McAuley JH; Jones MD, 2022, 'Baseline imbalance and heterogeneity are present in meta-analyses of randomized clinical trials examining the effects of exercise and medicines for blood pressure management', Hypertension Research, 45, pp. 1643 - 1652,