Dr Yu Guang Wang
Adjunct Lecturer

Dr Yu Guang Wang

School of Mathematics & Statistics

I am an adjunct associate lecturer at UNSW Sydney. I am also a scientist at Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in Sciences, in Mathematics Machine Learning group, hosted by Prof Guido Montúfar. My research interests lie in computational mathematics, statistics, machine learning, and data science. In particular, I am working on deep learning, graph neural networks, applied harmonic analysis, Bayesian inference, information geometry, random fields, numerical analysis, and applications to healthcare, biomedical technology and cosmology. I obtained my PhD in applied mathematics from University of New South Wales under supervision of Prof Ian Sloan and Rob Womersley. I have been a semester-long visitor of IPAM, UCLA (2019) and ICERM, Brown University (2018).

9385 7076/4239
School of Mathematics and Statistics UNSW Sydney NSW 2052 The Red Centre Room 2075
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    Journal articles | 2020
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    Journal articles | 2018
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