Yun Ye

Yun Ye

UNESCO Centre for Membrane Science and Technology

Dr Yun Ye is the laboratory manager in the UNESCO Centre for Membrane Science & Technology, School of Chemical Engineering

Core responsibilities:

  • Manage laboratory operations in the UNESCO Centre for Membrane Science and Technology;
  • Train students and staff in specialised analytical techniques and procedures, organise repairs and maintenance;
  • Provide support in the development of honours and postgraduate projects, supervise the development of selected honours projects;
  • Provide specialised research/consultancy services to University and industry projects;
  • Design and commission novel equipment for research projects;
  • Implement Laboratory & School safety policy, liaise closely with School and Faculty safety committees to achieve compliance,

Research Interests:

  • Membrane distillation and membrane distillation crystallizers for the treatment of high saline water;
  • Development of high performance of nanocomposite membrane;
  • Membrane fouling mechanisms and fouling limitation in water and wastewater treatment including MBR system;
  • Vibrational membrane filtration system;
  • Membrane application in dairy industry.