How UNSW prepares you for a global career

At UNSW Sydney, we believe in getting students career-ready from day one. That’s why we include Work Integrated Learning (WIL) in many of our programs, and support students in finding internships and work experience opportunities with a variety of career development resources to put their skills to the test. 

We also know that communication, interpersonal skills and teamwork are the top three soft skills employers seek in today's job market. So, while you’re studying, we’ll help you build up these professional skills through project-based learning with your peers. 

We will help you understand how Australian workplaces work and take the first step into the Australian workplace by offering the Professional Development Program, which is exclusive to international students. There are faculty-run career programs for international studnets as well, for example the Australian Business Essentials at UNSW Business School, where you can develop your professional communication and collaboration skills.

Plus, our career development resources for international students are designed to equip you with skills to confidently step into the workforce. You can browse the job board for UNSW students and alumni, read up on student visa holder work rights and book an appointment with a career coach to plan your next career move here in Australia or back home. You can still use these career resources within 18 months of graduation. 

Working in Australia after graduation

Many international students wish to work in Australia after graduation. We have some of the best working standards globally, with generous salaries, personal leave and holiday pay for full and part-time employees. 

Australia’s economy remains strong, despite the challenges of the pandemic. The job market has now returned to pre-pandemic levels and the unemployment rate is at a record low. 

The demand for skilled graduates is higher than ever, with a particular focus on health care and social assistance and professional, scientific and technical services. In fact, the government has announced an extension to the current post-study work visa (subclass 485) that allows international students with certain qualifications to stay and work in Australia for up to 6 years. 

But if you have your sights set on a career in your home country, we’ll support you through the transition. As a global top 20 university, UNSW has a very good reputation among employers around the world. We are ranked 29th worldwide and 1st in Australia for graduate employment outcomes (QS World University Rankings, 2025) and has been awarded ‘AFR Most Employable University’ for five years in a row. Wherever you launch your career, you’ll have the support of one of the world’s best universities behind you. 

About the post-study work visa (subclass 485)

in Autralia for two to four years upon graduation
to level up your professional skills
in Australia during your stay

If you’d like to stay and work in Australia after graduation, you can apply for a Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485), commonly referred to as a post-study work visa. How long you can stay depends on your level of qualification. Applicants could be granted permission to live and work in Australia for 2–4 years, depending on their qualification.

During this time, you could find a job and work in your chosen profession. You may also be able to bring your immediate family members to stay with you. There are certain eligibility requirements you must meet, such as having completed courses of at least two academic years in Australia, holding a relevant degree and having held an Australian Student Visa (subclass 500) within the last 6 months.

Meet Imad, a UNSW graduate living his dream in Sydney

International student Imad Khan moved to Sydney to study a Master of Design at UNSW Arts, Design and Architecture. Now, he’s working with industry-leading architects to design future cities at one of Australia’s top architectural firms. 

Every morning, Imad admires the iconic view of Sydney Harbour from his office, and it all began at UNSW. 

With an Australian post-study work visa, Imad has had access to career-defining opportunities that he may not have had back home. The visa enabled Imad to accelerate his career by entering the Australian job market, with the backing of a highly reputable UNSW master degree. 

"At UNSW, you need to work with people who come from different backgrounds with different skill sets. They have different ideas and different approaches to design. You will learn how to work in a group dynamic," Imad says. "This has helped me with my career a lot, as when you move into professional practices, it's all about navigating among different people." 

"Working in Australia is amazing. If I was in my own country, I might not have been in my career," says Imad.

"Australia is a place that’s full of opportunities. I think it is the best place for me."

Launching your career back home

Join a global alumni network that makes footprints in over 140 countries
Access to career support within 18 months from graduation
Resources on building your own career roadmap or start your business

Studying in Australia is an unforgettable, career-defining experience. But if you decide to return home or start your career globally, you’ll be ready to begin a meaningful and fulfilling job. 

  • When you graduate at UNSW, you’ll join our global alumni network. With UNSW graduates in over 140 countries, your professional and personal connections will span the globe. Thousands of past students have used this network to find job opportunities that either accelerated their careers or set them on an exciting new path. 

  • Our employability initiatives will set you up for success wherever you launch your career. During your studies, take advantage of our career coaching, mentoring programs and real-world projects to give you a competitive edge in the job market. 

  • Our career coach can help you develop your very own career strategy and share available resources to help you achieve your career goal sooner. 

    Plus, we have connections with some countries’ local talent recruitment websites that are specifically for new graduates. You can easily find job opportunities that are suitable for your profession and experience. 

  • Do you know UNSW produces the most CEOs than any other Australian university does?

    UNSW Founders Program is Australia’s most comprehensive university entrepreneurship program, graduating the highest number of Australian start-up founders. So, whether you're launching a business in Australia or back home, there's an initiative to help you on your way.

Meet our global alumni


Graduating with two UNSW Sydney master’s degrees, our Alumnus Jason Alacapa brings innovative solutions to life-threatening diseases back to his home country, the Philippines.


With the employability skills developed at UNSW Sydney, our Alumna Shivani Modi expanded the business of her Australian employer to India and introduced the Aussie way of working to her home country.


Where can a UNSW Sydney degree take you to? Our Alumna Wing Sung is having great success in her global career as a Senior Executive for a global company.

Ready to start your next adventure? 

Ready to apply?

Applying to UNSW is easy. Follow our simple three steps to apply as an international student. 

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