Whether you're looking to change industries or climb the corporate ladder, postgraduate study at UNSW is an opportunity to take your career to the next level. 

This was exactly the case for Laura Prael, Founder and Director of digital content marketing agency, LEP Digital. As a UNSW Master of Public Relations and Advertising alumni, Laura's postgraduate experience at UNSW was nothing short of “transformative”.

Reach your goals with postgraduate study 

One of the best ways to advance your career or pivot into a new industry is to gain new skills through further study.

“It's enabled me to have employment opportunities, so I knew that doing a postgraduate degree would set me up for success in my life,” says Laura. As she aptly puts it, “postgraduate degrees open doors”, and they equip you with the skills and expertise you need to walk through them with confidence. 

Continuing her education UNSW also empowered Laura with the leadership skills she needed to facilitate those opportunities for others. In her role as the Founder and Director of LEP Digital, Laura is most proud of her ability to provide employment opportunities to women in regional NSW. Her study experience ensured that she was well-positioned for leadership success - so that she could achieve her long-standing goals and continue to strive for new ambitions.

As a global top 20 educator*, UNSW’s strong industry links and alumni networks grant access to a valuable network of both experts and opportunities that enable students to fulfil their career goals, and build supportive and collaborative professional networks that stay with them for life.

*QS World University Rankings, 2024

Boost your value to employers

In a rapidly changing world, career moves are constantly in flux. Future-proofing your career with further study is key to boosting your ability to navigate and thrive in your chosen industry. 

For Laura, postgraduate education at UNSW was one of the best things she ever did for her career, attesting that it “tell[s] an employer that you are an expert in your field; that you are driven, you're committed, and that you're passionate about what you do.”

You'll have the opportunity to learn from world-class academics and industry experts who will help you lead with confidence, nurture your curiosity and understand the importance of human-centric design and collaboration. From critically questioning social norms to following your passions, further study empowers you with the skills to create innovative solutions to today's most complex challenges. 

“I absolutely loved studying at UNSW. It's one of the best things that I ever did for myself and in my career," says Laura.
“If you're thinking about doing a postgraduate degree, I would say stop thinking about it and apply. It is absolutely something that you will never forget or regret doing.”

Developing you personally and professionally 

Continuing your education is a big step in your career, and there's so much more to gain than just a degree. UNSW Sydney is renowned for having a vibrant student life.

Immerse yourself in a diverse range of student-run clubs and societies. Joining one of our many sports teams or getting involved with volunteering or humanitarian projects will surround you with a passionate community that enriches your postgraduate experience in the classroom and beyond. 

“Education has a transformative power,” says Laura. 

Postgraduate study has the power to inspire a sense of purpose in your personal and professional life, while also instilling the confidence to lead with your values and passions. For Laura, her experience was defined by a greater sense of self.

“Coming back and studying as a postgraduate you start to learn yourself and get to know yourself better,” says Laura. 

“I really had that confidence to know who I was, what I was passionate about, what my purpose was, and what my values were. Having the confidence to be able to lead with those values is huge.” 

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