Supporting the trailblazers, transformers and innovators to turn their ideas into success.

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UNSW has always fostered and advanced entrepreneurial thinking for students, staff, alumni and partners. Whether you’re launching a startup, preparing to seek investment, or just want to expand your entrepreneurial skills, we are equipped to help Founders at every stage of the journey.

Notable alumni startups

Entrepreneurship at UNSW

UNSW Founders Program

Every year, The Founders Program sees 400 startups and projects get their ventures off the ground. We support students, staff and alumni to build entrepreneurship skills, found and grow real companies.
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Innovation Hub

A space where teams of researchers, students, community and industry partners come together to solve complex issues facing society. Explore the Hub.
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Michael Crouch Innovation Centre

The Michael Crouch Innovation Centre aims to embed entrepreneurial confidence in every student, staff and alumni experience. Find out how.
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Study with us

Our courses in innovation, strategy and entrepreneurship will help you learn to transform challenges into opportunities, problems into products, and new insights into sustainable high-performance businesses.
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Meet our Founders


Docterio is a healthtech startup aiming to digitise the healthcare infrastructure in Bangladesh by providing telemedicine services to the country’s private clinics and hospitals.
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HEO Robotics

High Earth Orbit (HEO) Robotics is enabling the next stage of space exploration via new technologies for tracking spacecraft, space objects and satellites.
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Respia is an asthma management system that tracks and records respiratory health in children. Its world first wearable chest patch helps parents notice early signs to enable early intervention and treatment at home.
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The Pelvic Expert

The Pelvic Expert provides holistic and research-based women’s health solutions online, combining women’s health and pelvic floor education, therapeutic exercise, functional nutrition, pain neuroscience and self-care. 
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Learn more

Visit the UNSW Founders website to learn about our dynamic and growing startup community.
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Alumni startup secrets

Ten UNSW entrepreneurs share insights of life in the fast lane, including their biggest challenges, the best advice they’ve received, and what surprised them most about the startup lifestyle.
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