Innovation & entrepreneurship

Find your purpose and make an impact.

What is innovation and entrepreneurship?

Innovation drives change and helps us adapt to disruption. Strategy shapes change for impact and purpose. Studying courses in innovation, strategy and entrepreneurship at UNSW, you’ll learn to transform challenges into opportunities, problems into products, and new insights into sustainable high-performance businesses. 

Why study innovation and entrepreneurship at UNSW? 

You’ll develop entrepreneurship skills that help you survive, thrive and drive disruption. Your skills and experience will equip you to lead innovation and inspire colleagues in corporations, social enterprises, non-profit companies, government, or as CEO of your own startup. UNSW Business School has helped more startup founders and our graduates have created more billion-dollar companies than any other university in Australia.  

UNSW Founders program

The UNSW Founders Program is our embedded entrepreneurship platform on campus, which supports students, staff, and alumni to build entrepreneurship skills, and found and grow real companies.  

As Australia's most comprehensive university entrepreneurship program, UNSW Founders comprises multiple programs and services that can take your idea from its earliest stage right through to a startup that's ready to go global, including the Graduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship. So, whether you're completely new to entrepreneurship, or you're an experienced founder, there's an initiative to help you on your way.

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Your career opportunities

Specialising in Innovation, Strategy & Entrepreneurship will prepare you for roles such as:  

  • Business development manager
  • Business insight analyst  
  • Business transformation partner 
  • Change and innovation consultant 
  • Chief executive officer  
  • Chief operations officer 
  • Chief innovation officer 
  • Chief people officer 
  • Customer experience manager  
  • Entrepreneur 
  • Enterprise strategy partner 
  • Head of growth 
  • Innovation lead  
  • Innovation strategy analyst 
  • Financial technology developer  
  • Marketing analyst  
  • People and culture specialist  
  • Portfolio/product manager  
  • Social enterprise entrepreneur
  • Strategy and planning lead
  • Startup founder
  • Venture capitalist 

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