About us

Collaboration enables greater impact than working alone. That’s why we work closely with our expert partners both locally and around world.

Tedi London

What we do

Our team forges and facilitates alliances and partnerships with those who share our values and with whom we can work towards a common purpose. Our work enables staff, students, alumni and others in the community to collaborate and engage with partners.

Who are we?

At UNSW Alliances, we are dedicated to forging powerful partnerships on both local and global scales. With our collective knowledge and a shared drive for progress, we strive to create a positive impact on our environmental, social, cultural, and economic future.

UNSW Alliances

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Our Purpose

To provide opportunities for our staff and students, as well as our external stakeholders, through our strategic partnerships. 

Strategic Objectives

UNSW Alliances contributes to the University’s recognition as Australia's global university through research and education activities that create evidence-based sustainable solutions.