Transforming Women’s Leadership Pathways (TWLP)

A woman standing next to wires

Since the launch of the TWLP program in October 2020, a key objective has been to address and examine the critical factors limiting women’s progression to senior leadership roles.

With input from government, universities and industry, the development of 10 evidence-based actions plans were compiled by TWLP that articulate the practical actions required to close the leadership gender gap. 

Through the valuable insights of participants from higher education, government, and industry, and with the hard work and dedication of our working group leads, TWLP has achieved several major milestones in the last three years to assist in closing the leadership gender gap.  

These include: 

  • The launch of the Women’s Leadership Knowledge Hub in November 2021, to support and steward gender parity in leadership by 2023 
  • Events held in Phoenix and Sydney in October 2022, including a strategic partnership event with UNSW Diversity Fest in Sydney and a strategic partnership with ASU Commission of the Status of Women’s Conference in Phoenix  
  • Establishing partnerships with Science and Gender Equity Australia, Global Institute for Women in Leadership, and Women’s Faculty Caucus and  
  • The launch of the yearlong Visible Women Campaign in March 2023, to seek representation of women at all levels of leadership.  

The Transforming Women’s Leadership Pathways (TWLP) program is an initiative of the PLuS Alliance (Arizona State University, King’s College London and UNSW Sydney) and is a foundational pillar in our joint work towards gender equity in leadership. 

“While there are many amazing women to celebrate in senior leadership roles, the Visible Women campaign also aims to raise the profile of women in all phases of leadership,” says Project Co-Lead and Scientia Professor Carla Treloar, with the Centre for Social Research in Health and the Social Policy Research Centre at UNSW Sydney. “Seeing women across all levels of leadership is vital if we want to inspire women to follow in their footsteps and ultimately close the gender gap which is still so apparent across many sectors.” 

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