Advanced Negotiation and Influencing

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Negotiate with confidence and influence others to drive better outcomes.

Negotiation is a core skill that we use to enable more resilient relationships, more efficient interactions, and more valuable outcomes. Yet, most negotiators rely on a relatively narrow set of predictable tactics that are often disconnected from the present dynamics. This course will provide you with a comprehensive approach to negotiating and influencing that better captures the complexity of real-world negotiation and gives you more choice for how to improve results in both formal and informal negotiations.

Your organisation will benefit from having team members and managers who can prevent unnecessary conflict, resolve immediate conflict, build effective working relationships, and identify near and long-term opportunities to maximise value.


Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Adapt generic strategies to situational dynamics
  • Create and claim value, with and without using power
  • Recognise the role of rationality and emotions in negotiation, and how to adapt your approach to each
  • Identify the broad strategic choices available to negotiators, and some of the predictable consequences of each choice
  • Challenge limiting assumptions and their impact on your strategy
  • Understand what people want, what drives their behaviour and how to influence this
  • Improve your self-awareness, enabling you to replace emotions and reactions with proactive, constructive and respectful behaviours.

Course Details:

Duration: 3 days

Location: UNSW Sydney, CBD Campus

Cost: $4,950 (inc. GST)

CEMD Allocations: 3 CEMD Points

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