Tailored learning solutions

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Our purpose aligns with your objective to develop the skills of your people and we’ve been helping organisations do this for over forty years across Australia.

AGSM @ UNSW Business School was established more than 40 years ago to elevate the quality of leadership in Australia. While our mission remains the same, the world in which live is changing rapidly and is increasingly complex. 

Enhancing people capability has never been more important and is our primary purpose. The organisations we serve- businesses, government, for-purpose organisations and the community- need people who can help them make a positive impact in an accelerating world. 

At AGSM we want to be known for producing leaders who through their actions contribute to making a better world. The people we help develop will be brave, curious, passionate, humble, resilient, adaptable, ethical, inclusive, collaborative and have a global outlook. By enhancing people capabilities across all sectors AGSM can make a positive contribution to Australia and the world.

  • Leading university

    UNSW is consistently placed within the top 50 universities in the world (QS World University Rankings)

  • National delivery model

    AGSM Short Courses is able to deliver learning experiences across all States and Territories in all modes

  • #1

    Executive Education Provider in Australia Financial Times 2020 Executive Education Ranking #39 globally

AGSM to design leadership program for Woodside Energy’s international workforce.

AGSM @ UNSW Business School has entered into a contractual arrangement with Woodside Energy for the co-design and delivery of a whole-of-enterprise leadership development program to enable transformation of the organisation.

How Rabobank worked with AGSM to develop purposeful leadership

As one of the world’s largest global rural lenders, Rabobank wanted to equip its leaders with the skills to manage and thrive in a fast changing and ambiguous world. After a rigorous selection process, they decided to partner with AGSM @ UNSW Business School to develop the Rabobank Leadership Pathways. Multiple two-year pathways were co-designed by the two organisations and focused on supporting change efforts initially at the emerging and developing manager levels.

  • AGSM Short Courses offers proven experience of learning co-design to ensure that your objectives are refined and met by a blended learning experience. These experiences achieve desired upskilling and behavioural change with credit from programs into future learning. The multi-level blended learning experiences we create will transform your organisation and elevate the capabilities of your people while keeping them engaged and motivated in their learning.

    Our learning experiences are delivered at scale and nationally to over 4,000 participants each year, drawing upon the #1 Business School in Australia and the #4 online MBA in the world. We have over 400 eLearning modules to draw upon, which can be rapidly and cost-effectively contextualised for your organisation’s needs. Our comprehensive library of content includes topics on leadership and management training, change and strategy, leading teams, negotiation and other themes in all key areas of the business leadership training. 

    Based on our experience and expertise in designing, developing and delivering learning solutions, AGSM provides you with a solution that is innovative and embedded, contextualised to the needs of your workplace. We work with you to refine the program and personalise it to include on-the-job training, mentoring and coaching as per your needs. 

    We are also able to offer micro-credentials to evidence the successful completion of the program and provide credit and pathways into other AGSM and UNSW programs and the MBA, enabling participants to continue their life-long learning.

    • Contextualised programs to align to your culture and strategy
    • Delivery options to suit your operating rhythm: blended | virtual | face-to-face | fully online
    • AGSM Navigator – a collection of programs hosted on a learning platform specifically designed for Executive Education  
    • The 7 Leadership Superpowers – harness an evidence-based set of leadership characteristics to thrive in a post-Covid world
    • Micro-credentials with pathways to award qualifications
    • A distinct blend of academic rigour, research, and practical application
    • An experienced team of learning professionals to support the design and delivery of the learning solution
  • AGSM’s learning methodology has been built over many years and is based on the success we have had in behavioural change and capability building.  Our programs utilise the following elements: 

    • Blended learning - allows for maximum use of learners’ time and means that classroom sessions can focus on experiential learning and embedding skills, not covering foundations or concepts

    • Reflective practice - embedded in the learning design is a reflective practice which will allow leaders to focus on reflection for learning.  In its simplest form, it is linked to the concept of learning from experience, in that you think about what you did, and what happened and decide from that what you would do differently next time.

    • Experiential learning - facilitated practice enables leaders to build application to a greater variety of challenges and increasing cognitive functioning in complex scenarios so that thinking can be stretched, and capability deepened. Intertwined with reflective practice, AGSM achieves learning through reflection on doing various embedding activities in a classroom or a virtual workshop. 

    • Modular design - each topic in the program is designed as a module by our subject matter experts at AGSM to incorporate leading research and practice. This provides rigorous academic thought leadership contextualised to your organisation and your learners. 

    • Social component - the combination of both critical thinking and reflection fosters higher-order thinking skills and problem-solving in a social learning environment. This sees the embedding of critical thinking, reflection and learning as a shared and new way of working. 

    • Measurable outcomes – AGSM’s methodology includes a combination of action learning, evaluation and impact assessment and learning success evaluation, which provide insight into participant learning experiences and ensures successful learning transfer and measurable business outcomes.

AGSM Navigator - a seamless user experience that transfers learning into practice

AGSM has developed a blended learning platform – Navigator – providing a high quality and seamless user experience.The AGSM Navigator is learning experience platform specifically designed for delivering experiential action learning journeys and adaptive digital learning.