We offer a vibrant student life that offers the chance to make connections and build lifelong friendships, as well as establish a successful career. With access to student societies and social activities, there are many opportunities available within UNSW Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications. 

Student Societies  

There are four separate student societies available for Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications students at UNSW: ELSOC, TWEET, STEEP and ELEC PG-Soc. Read through their descriptions to see which ones are right for you. 


Founded in 1954, and with more than 1000 members, ELSOC is one of the largest societies on campus. We serve all undergraduate UNSW Electrical Engineers. Throughout the year, we hold a range of academic, social and industry-related events, where you can meet up with friends to relax and/or study. 

For more info, please visit the official ELSOC site.  


Founded in 2014, The Women in Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications (TWEET) aims to create lasting friendships and connections and change the face of electrical engineering. 

TWEET offers female EET students at UNSW a place to meet, get to know each other and share experiences. We provide an avenue for you to receive academic advice, form friendships and further career development. 

Visit our site for more information.  


STEEP is the official society for all postgraduate coursework students at our School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications. The society aims to foster networking and discover opportunities for professional development through a diverse community of people.  

Visit our Linkedin page for more information, including meet and greets and other social events.  


ELEC PG-Soc is an exclusive group of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications postgraduate students at UNSW. Most of the fun that’s happening in and around campus gets posted on Facebook


From enrolment to graduation, these resources will support your academic journey, ensuring things run more smoothly. This collection covers the administrative needs of current and prospective students at the School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications. If something you need isn’t covered, please contact us.

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