There is a strong demand to make industrial processes cheaper, safer and smarter. Advanced process systems engineering plays a critical role in understanding, optimising and automating today’s industrial processes for more energy efficient, flexible, cost-effective and environmentally friendly operations.

Our researchers are innovating advanced modelling and control approaches to develop the cornerstones of the next generation smart plants in the context of Industry 4.0, including internal multiphase reacting flow understanding, model/simulation-based plant optimisation, distributed monitoring and control of complex processes, flexible supply chain-driven manufacturing, and data-driven process management and control based on behavioural system theory and machine learning.  Our expertise provides improved industrial processes across industries including aluminium smelting, low-carbon steelmaking, recycling, clean energy generation and storage systems (e.g., electrolysers and flow batteries) and wastewater treatment. With a particular emphasis on clean energy and recycling, we contribute to the development of a sustainable Australian process industry in a circular economy.