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UNSW values your input on policies that we are drafting. Draft policy documents will be available for three weeks for the UNSW community to provide their feedback.


Safer Communities team are currently in the process of revieing and updating our Gendered Violence policy following a consultation period and the announcement of a new National Higher Education Code to Prevent and Respond to Gender-based Violence.  If you have any questions or suggestions during this period, please reach out to us at safercommunities@unsw.edu.au.
There are currently no policies published for consultation. If you have questions regarding UNSW policies, please contact the policy team (policy@unsw.edu.au).

Consultation has closed:


Date closed
5 July 2024 Delegations Policy, Procedure and Schedules
20 June 2024 Plagiarism Policy and Student Plagiarism Management Procedure
11 June 2024 Gendered Violence Policy
6 May 2024 Return to Work Procedure
29 April 2024

Risk and Compliance Policy

  • Risk Management Manual
  • Third-Party Arrangements Manual
  • Compliance Management Instructions
19 April 2024 Modern Slavery Prevention Policy
17 April 2024 Variation of Candidature Procedure
17 April 2024 Higher Degree Research Examination Procedure
28 March 2024 Code of Conduct and Values
9 February 2024 Student Wellbeing and Safety Policy
9 February 2024 Support for Students Policy
11 December 2023


Draft Anti-Racism and Anti-Religious Vilification Policy


17 November 2023 Finance Policy
7 November 2023 Complaints Management and Investigations Policy and Procedure
20 October 2023 Academic Promotions Policy and Procedure
21 September 2023 Radiation Research Safety Procedure
13 September 2023 Credit Card Policy and Credit Card Procedure
8 September 2023 Workplace Adjustment Procedure
25 July 2023 Controlled Entities Procedure
5 July 2023 Section 5 of the Assessment Implementation Procedure


Alison McLaren Kelton

Senior Policy Officer