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UNSW values your input on policies that we are drafting. Draft policy documents will be available for three weeks for the UNSW community to provide their feedback.




Acceptable Use of UNSW Information Resources Policy


Cyber Security Policy


Cyber Security Standard - Data Security


Cyber Security Standard - End User Computing


Cyber Security Standard - Risk Management


Key changes

Feedback on these revised policies and supporting standards can be sent to:


David Vohradsky

Cyber Security Specialist


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Feedback will close on Friday 26 August 2022


Consultation has closed:


Date closed
2 August 2022 Licences and Permits Procedure
25 July 2022


Research Progress Review and Confirmation of Research Candidatures Procedure


25 July 2022


Show Cause for Research Candidatures Guideline


20 July 2022


Honorary Degree and Honorary Fellowship Procedure


15 July 2022 Policy Framework Policy
21 June 2022 Biorisk Management Procedure
5 April 2022 Deceased Student Procedure
25 March 2022 Biosafety Policy
25 February 2022 Hazard & Incident Reporting Procedure - HS307
18 February 2022
  • Recruitment and Selection Policy.
  • Recruitment and Selection Guidelines.
  • Nominations and Direct Appointment Guidelines.
  • Casual Employee Hiring Guidelines.
18 January 2022 Admission to Higher Degree Research Procedure
18 January 2022 Conditions for Award of Professional Doctorate Policy


Rebecca Edwards

Policy Officer (Monday to Thursday)

Bec O'Brien

Policy assistance - Research & Enterprise Division