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The principal academic body of the University is the Academic Board, established under Part 3, section 14 of the University of New South Wales Act 1989 (NSW). The composition and functions of the Academic Board are prescribed by the University of New South Wales By-Law 2005.

As the University's principal academic body the functions of the Academic Board are outlined in Part 5 section 56 of the University of New South Wales By-Law 2005 the main functions being to further and coordinate the work of the Faculties, boards of studies and other academic units, and to encourage teaching, scholarship and research; to advise the Vice-Chancellor and Council on matters relating to teaching, scholarship and research; to consider and report on matters referred to it by the Council or by the Vice-Chancellor; and to have such functions as Council may, from time to time, delegate to it.

Further information on the function of the Academic Board and its committees can be found in the University of New South Wales Rules.

Most of the functions that the Council has authorised the Academic Board to carry out regularly are set out in the Register of Delegations.


Academic Board

The Academic Board of UNSW provides academic leadership by promoting excellence in teaching, learning, scholarship, research and policy development. Find out more.


UNSW's committees provide advice and support to the Council and the Academic Board. This ensures the university is managed effectively in a consultative, consistent and transparent way.


Our resources include key committee templates, approval timelines and information for elected members, the Academic Board and committees.