Register of Delegations

Exterior shot of the Law and Justice Building, Kensington, UNSW.

The Register of Delegations sets out the majority of the functions which the Council has authorised particular officers and bodies of the University to carry out regularly, including delegations for the establishment of Policy, Procedures and Guidelines, and financial, personnel, academic and other administrative and general authorities and functions.

While not an exhaustive statement of all delegated authority (some delegations of Council authority are, and will continue to be, separately stated in resolutions of the Council or contained in Policy documents), the Register effectively clarifies Council delegations of authority and facilitates the management of those delegations. The Register also provides a useful means for external bodies to confirm that staff members they are dealing with have appropriate authority.

All delegations are subject to the conditions and explanations set out in the introductory sections to the Register.


Questions about the Register or requests to amend the Register may be directed to: