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UNSW Policy Framework

In this section you will find:

  • an overview of the UNSW Policy Framework
  • the policy review and development cycle
  • templates and forms
  • guides: information to support Policy developers.

UNSW Policy Hierarchy

  • The UNSW Policy Framework is a process to develop, communicate, implement, review and monitor University-wide policy documents including rules, codes, policies and instructions.

    The Policy Framework includes:

    • The Policy Framework Policy that describes a process to develop, review and retire University-wide Documents and contains the UNSW policy hierarchy.
    • An online policy library managed by Governance that is the source of truth for university-wide policy documents. This library will include policy documents on the University’s activities. All areas of the University must link to the university-wide policy documents published by Governance.
    • Policy delegations which authorise specific committees or positions to establish, implement and maintain policy documents. Policies may also contain, or be linked to, standards, procedures or instructions that are developed by staff with authority to do this stated in the policy or in the Register of Delegations.
    • Policy document resources, including templates and forms, that support a standard approach to the development of policy documents and equip staff to develop and review these documents.
    • Training and policy implementation to support staff and students to find, understand and apply university-wide policy documents. 
  • The Policy Framework Policy describes the development, review and retirement process for University-wide Documents.

    A policy review and development cycle applies to all policy documents with the following steps:

    1. Identify and scope
    2. Consult and research
    3. Draft considered by relevant committees
    4. Post for comment
    5. Endorsement and approval
    6. Communication and implementation
    7. Effectiveness, monitoring and review.

    If you are thinking about developing a University-wide policy or instruction please contact the policy team in Governance to discuss your project.

    Governance maintains an annual policy project register. 


    Codes of Conduct are approved by UNSW Council.

    Policies may only be approved by the Vice-Chancellor, or by UNSW Council.

    Standard and procedure sections in a policy and UNSW-wide instructions are approved in accordance with Section 4.2.3 of the Register of Delegations by the:

    • Vice-Chancellor
    • Provost
    • Deputy Vice-Chancellor
    • Vice-President
    • Chief Human Resources Officer
    • Pro-Vice-Chancellor
    • General Counsel
    • Dean of Graduate Research
    • A person occupying the position of Chief, Executive Director, Head, Director, Senior Manager, or Manager.

    Speak to a Policy Officer about the nominations process. A list of Nominees is recorded by Governance.

  • Phase One Approval

    Phase One Appproval provides endorsement to proceed with the development of a University-wide policy or instruction.

    Phase One Approval Form - Authority to develop draft Document

    Phase Two Approval Form

    A draft policy, standard, procedure or guideline that is ready for approval will need a completed Phase Two Approval Form.

    Send your final draft document to Governance for final review before you send it to an approver. Governance will check the document for administrative updates and send it back to you with a draft Phase Two Approval Form for you to finalise.

    Phase Two Approval Form


    Drafting templates


    Policy template is available for drafting University-wide Policy. It must be used for all Policy.

    UNSW Policy may only be approved by the Vice-Chancellor.

    The Policy template cannot be used to create a Policy which is specific to a particular Division, Faculty or School. Local Policy is not permitted under the UNSW Policy Framework.


    The Standard template is provided for University-wide Standards.

    The Standard template may also be used for a Local Standard which is specific to a particular Division, Faculty or School. Refer to the Local Documents guide for further information.


    The Procedure template must be used for Procedures which require approval in accordance with Section 4.2.3 of the Register of Delegations.

    The Procedure template may also be used for a Procedure which is specific to a particular Division, Faculty or School. Refer to the Local Documents guide for further information.


    The Guideline template may be used to provide further information for matters which are the subject of Legislation, Policy, Procedure, Standards or a decision by an appropriate delegate.

    The Guideline template may also be used for a Guideline which is specific to a particular Division, Faculty or School. Refer to the Local Documents guide for further information.

    Implementation Plan template

    An Implementation Plan should be created to plan and document the post-approval actions that are overseen by the Contact Officer or an appointed Implementation Officer


Alison McLaren Kelton
Senior Policy Officer

Rebecca Edwards

Policy Lead