Policy hub

Students on the main walkway at UNSW Kensington.

Policy transformation hub

The Division of Transformation, Planning & Assurance has been leading the Policy Transformation Program (PTP) to consolidate the existing policy suite of more than 260 policy documents into one code and 23 policies.

The feedback received via the Insight survey and subsequent listening groups reinforced the aims of the PTP to:

  • reduce the number of policies and cut down on red tape
  • adopt a trust-based approach to decision-making
  • apply plain language for ease of understanding
  • provide an accessible format.

This is a major reform to simplify and transform our policies. The PTP has several phases and will be implemented over three years. It will improve how we approach policy collaboration across the University.

Visit the PTP SharePoint site for more information about the program.


Find out here which policies have been transformed at UNSW.