UNSW Institute for Global Development

Boats moored of shore of Fijian tropical island. Nanuya island, Yasawa islands.

Serving as UNSW's centre for converging university capabilities with the needs and interests of communities in and around Australia, the Institute for Global Development leverages UNSW expertise to curate critical conversations and to provide context-specific intermediation and accompaniment.

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Accompaniment towards the Sustainable Development Goals

Our brochure details UNSW's strengthening commitment to accelerating the Asia Pacific region towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

Equity & Social Justice

Our work is underpinned by a commitment to enhancing social justice and inclusion through empowering individuals and their communities.

Climate Action & Sustainability

We focus on initiatives that improve livelihoods while ensuring natural resources are protected for future generations.

Partnerships, Practice & Global Goals

We are building partnerships that balance the rights of communities to determine their development pathways while contributing to collective goals.

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