Regulation of platelet biogenesis

Project description – Controlling blood clotting

We identified Tpm4.2 as a critical regulator of platelet production in mice and humans (J Clin Invest, 2017) and have recently developed compounds that target Tpm4.2. The first hit compound inhibits platelet production in vitro (unpublished). We are now developing advanced drugs as potential therapeutics to reduce platelet production in patients at risk of blood blockage due to uncontrolled clotting. 

Regulation of lens fibrosis

Project description – Targeting fibrosis in the lens 

Researchers in Japan and the US have identified tropomyosins as critical regulators of lens opacification (cataract formation) caused by the process called Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition (EMT). We have identified Tpm1.6 as a critical requirement for EMT and are testing the ability of drugs targeting this tropomyosin to inhibit lens opacification.

Drug screening platform – CellASense 

Project description – A universal screen for new drug hits

Together with Dr John Lock we have developed a new approach to identify drug hits. The method creates a master phenotypic fingerprint of over 100,000 chemicals. We then fingerprint drugs or genetic manipulations and map them onto the master map. Chemicals that map in the same space become new candidate drug hits. We have used this to identify new drug hits targeting Tpm3.1, Rho Kinase, talin and several proprietary targets. 

Project members

Project contact

Professor Edna Hardeman
Co-Head, Cytoskeleton Therapeutics Research Unit 

T:  +61-2-9385 3760