Congratulations to BABS students William Dann, Alinta Furnell, James Gaston and Sylvia Lee on their recent success in the Peter Farrell Cup. Now in its 19th year, the Peter Farrell Cup is UNSW's most prestigious competitive ideas program that is fast-tracking the next generation of entrepreneurs and start-ups.

The team was placed 2nd for their product, Aurora - a mAb-based home detection method for STI's. Identifying that 1 in 20 Australians are carriers of an STI, and 75% of young adults participate in unprotected sex, the team's target market was the sexually active young demographic who may have exposed themselves to an STI but are initially reluctant to visit a GP due to personal embarrassment, cultural or religious attitudes.  The objective of the test, which would be purchased discreetly online, was to provide an option for early diagnosis that would encourage sufferers to overcome their barriers and seek medical advice to treat the infection before it advances.

Special congratulations and thanks must be given to Associate Professor Wallace Bridge, who helped the students develop their idea and prepare their pitch.