Main image: Max Osborne, Head of Engineering with Titomic’s TKF-9000 – the world’s largest additive manufacturing system.

The School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering would like to highlight one of our prestigious Alumni. Max Osborne graduated in 2006 with a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours 1) (Aerospace). Osborne is currently the Head of Engineering at Titomic Ltd since June 2021. Titomic is an Australian-based, globally expanding technology start-up that is pushing the limits of materials science and manufacturing physics, which is unique and exciting in Australia, if not globally. Titomic exclusively has the rights to use Titomic Kinectic Fusion for complex surface coatings on load-bearing structures. This comes after rigorous experience in Aerospace Engineering spanning research and development, design, product development and manufacturing at the Boeing Company where Osborne worked for 15 years in Australia and the USA.

Max Osborne (far right) and the AH-64 Apache Helicopter at Boeing’s Global Leadership Program in Mesa, Arizona

Growing up on a rural property in Northern New South Wales, Osborne sparked an interest in technical thinking and problem solving. Despite not knowing what engineering was until the end of high school, he still gained a foundation engineering as he learned a lot of hands-on skills, gained knowledge from tinkering, building things and taking apart old appliances to see how they worked.

We spoke to Osborne about his role at Titomic, the challenges he faced at UNSW and how he overcame them, and his advice for Aerospace engineering students on how to remain motivated. Check out the interview.