Four researchers from UNSW’s Arts, Design and Architecture (ADA) have been recognised in The Australian’s Research 2023 Magazine, an annually published, detailed list presenting the country’s top 250 best researchers and research institutions across a plethora of fields, from sciences through to the arts. 

“It is with great pride and delight to see researchers and schools from UNSW’s Arts, Design & Architecture be identified in The Australian’s Research 2023 as national leaders,” says Professor Claire Annesley, Dean of ADA. 

UNSW’s ADA has been listed as a national leader in the field of Architecture and Built Environment, which is the second year in a row ADA has led this field nationally. 

“This honour recognises the exceptional research undertaken over the last decade in both the School of Built Environment and the City Futures Research Centre”, says Professor Michael Ostwald, Associate Dean of Research in ADA. 

UNSW’s has also been named national leader in the field of Sex & Sexuality, a result which reflects the efforts of researchers from several parts of ADA, especially the Centre for Social Research in Health, the School of Social Sciences, and Gendered Violence Research Network.

Four ADA researchers have also been identified as national leaders in their fields by The Australian. These are listed as follows: 

Dr Samad Sepasgozar from the School of Built Environment Investigates complex issues related to technology adoption in order to solve problems in city, infrastructure, construction and mining.
Associate Professor Paul Dawson from the School of Arts & Media A writer of poetry and fiction and internationally recognised scholar in narrative theory, novel studies and creative writing as academic discipline. 
Professor Emery Schubert from the Music Program Specialises in music and psychology, specifically the relationship between emotions and music.
Professor Andrew Martin from the School of Education Researcher and registered psychologist recognised for psychological and educational researcher who focuses on motivation, engagement and achievement.  

“In each case these ADA academics have developed and sustained distinguished research careers. I congratulate each for these outstanding results”, says Professor Michael Ostwald, Associate Dean of Research in ADA. 

Research 2023 takes a data-driven approach to identify top performing institutions and researchers, analysing a vast amount of information that is available online – from number of citations given to a rating oof researcher by their peers. Learn more about Research 2023’s methodology here

Overall, UNSW was the second most successful university for individual achievement –researchers led in 24 fields and UNSW as an institution led in 23 fields.