We are thrilled to report that Professors Guoyin Li and Igor Shparlinski of the School of Mathematics and Statistics have won awards at the 66th Annual Meeting of the Australian Mathematical Society (AustMS) at UNSW Sydney.

Professor Guoyin Li was awarded the 2022 AustMS Medal, while Professor Igor Shparlinski received the 2022 George Szekeres Medal.

UNSW is hosting the AustMS 2022 Conference on campus from 5-9 December. The awards were announced by the President of AustMS, Ole Warnaar, at the opening session of the Annual Meeting on Tuesday 6 December. 

Professor Li was presented his medal at the prize ceremony, while Professor Shparlinski - currently in Germany - heard the announcement online via Zoom.

The Australian Mathematical Society Medal is awarded for distinguished research in the mathematical sciences to a member of the Society, within 15 years of the award of their PhD. 

Professor Guoyin Li has made outstanding contributions to optimization, variational analysis and multilinear algebra, while also applying this theory in novel ways to other areas of mathematics or scientific disciplines. His body of work positions him as one of the most dynamic and influential young researchers in the Australian mathematical community.

Professor Li has an outstanding publication record, with over 100 journal articles, the majority in prestigious journals, spanning an impressively broad range of topics.

His work has attracted over 1650 citations on MathSciNet, and at least four of his articles are recognised as Web of Science ‘highly cited’ articles. Among several recent accolades, Professor Li was cited as the field leader in Mathematical Optimisation by The Australian’s Research Report in 2019 and 2020.

He joins a group of School members who have received the AustMS Medal: David Harvey in 2019, Josef Dick in 2014, Igor Shparlinski in 1996, and Michael Cowling in 1989.

The George Szekeres Medal was established in 2001 for “an outstanding contribution to the mathematical sciences”. It is the Australian Mathematical Society’s most prestigious medal, recognising research achievement and an outstanding record of promoting and supporting the discipline. 

Professor Shparlinski's extensive contributions over a long period make him a deserving winner of the George Szekeres Medal, declared the Australian Mathematical Society. He has made notable contributions in many areas of mathematics with specialisms in number theory and its applications.

The influence of Professor Shparlinski on mathematics is reflected in his incredible citation rate. For example, Scopus finds nearly 5000 citations to his over 600 papers and calculates his h-index as 29.

Professor Shparlinski’s most significant results are based on a broad range of ideas and approaches – often taken from very different fields and combined in novel ways. 

"I’m very happy indeed to receive this medal", said Professor Shparlinski, "especially because I knew George Szekeres personally since my first days in Australia". 

Professor Ian Sloan of UNSW Mathematics and Statistics won the George Szekeres Medal in 2002

We warmly congratulate Professor Guoyin Li and Professor Igor Shparlinski on their outstanding achievements which were recognised via these medals from the Australian Mathematical Society.