Legislation and rules

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The university is a body corporate established under statute by the Parliament of New South Wales.

Key legislation is as follows:

University of New South Wales Act 1998 (NSW)

  • establishes the university as a body corporate
  • objects and functions of the university
  • establishes the Council, Academic Board and officers of the university
  • size, composition and functions of the Council (plus the duties of Council members).

University of New South Wales By-law 2005 (NSW)

  • duties and rights of the Chancellor, Deputy Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor
  • election procedures for the Council
  • functions and membership of the Academic Board
  • creation of faculties
  • procedures for awarding honorary degrees.

University of New South Wales Rules

  • rules of procedure for meetings of Council
  • additional functions of Academic Board
  • functions of faculties, Faculty Boards and Faculty Committees
  • election procedures for Academic Board, Faculty Boards and Faculty Committees.


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