Reporting an injury

First aid medical kit on wood background,copy space,top view

At UNSW all work units should have first aid officers available to treat any minor injuries that occur. The names and contact numbers of these first aid officers should be displayed in the workplace.

Depending on the severity of the injury and the injured employees preference, the injured employee should seek appropriate first aid/medical attention from one or more of the following:

  • A First Aid Officer
  • Contact Security to Arrange An Ambulance  (Dial 9385 6666 or ext 56666)
  • A Hospital or the nearest available medical facility
  • Their treating/local doctor

Reporting the injury to your employer / insurer

You should report your injury to your supervisor and Risk Advisory and Internal Audit within 48 hours of occurring.

Complete the on-line reporting form through myUNSW Salus:

  1. Sign on to myUNSW
  2. Look for My Staff Profile Tab and select
  3. Find and click on the Salus symbol to Report/Manage OHS&E Issues
  4. Report a hazard / incident
    (Please note that the link times out after 20 minutes for data when entering your injury information)

  • Please report all injury particulars including a date of injury and clear description of the injury.
  • On completion of the on-line reporting form, copies will be sent to your Supervisor, Risk Advisory and Internal Audit, the Safety Committee Work Health and Safety.
  • The initial report of injury form is designed to facilitate the early notification of an incident or injury. An experienced Workers Compensation Officer will collect all the information required to lodge the claim after receipt of the initial report of injury. The claim will be assessed according to injury type and severity.