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Environmental conservation technology and approaching global sustainable ESG by clean energy and power from renewable natural resources

SNR-opt - 2021

Merging of multiple satellite datasets is a simple yet effective way to reduce prediction error.

WAvelet System Prediction (WASP) - 2020

The R package, namely WAvelet System Prediction (WASP), is based on a discrete wavelet transform (DWT)-based variance transformation method (Jiang et al., 2020).

Robust Multivariate Bias Correction

The Robust Multivariate Bias Correction (RoMBC) package is a robust package designed to deal with the distribution and dependence biases in a multivariate time series.


Understanding the impacts of short-term climate variability on drinking water source quality

Parameter Optimization and Simulation Toolkit (POST) for Flood Warning

Building a flood warning framework for ungauged locations using low resolution, open access remotely sensed surface soil moisture, precipitation, soil and topographic information.

Multivariate Bias Correction (MBC) - 2017

The Multivariate Bias Correction (MBC) package is a complete package designed to deal with the distribution and, auto and cross dependence biases in a multivariate time series at multiple time steps.

Multisite Rainfall Downscaling (MRD) - 2017

The Multisite Rainfall Downscaling (MRD) is a tool that conditionally simulates the rainfall occurrence and amount by using the modified Markov model-kernel density estimate (MMM-KDE).

Dynamic Linear Combination

Soil moisture is an important variable in the coupled hydrologic and climate system. 

SMART - 2016

A new automated workflow based computationally efficient hydrologic modeling application is developed for soil moisture and runoff simulation. 

Multisite Rainfall Simulator

Many problems in hydrology and agricultural science require extensive records of rainfall from multiple locations.

Sequential Monte Carlo

Bayesian inference provides an ideal platform for assessing parameter uncertainty for complex physical models, such as conceptual hydrological models.

KNN, PIC, PMI and NPRED - 2016

An information theoretic alternative to model a natural system using observational information alone and A programming tool for nonparametric system prediction using Partial Informational Correlation and Partial Weights

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