About us

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ProMO lab focuses on process modelling of reacting flows and their applications to a range of complex processes and reactors in conventional and emerging industries. The modelling works are significant in understanding the fundamentals of the processes. They also assist in optimising and developing new, cleaner and more efficient technologies with measurable industrial outcomes.

Funding and industry partnerships

AUD $5 million worth of research grants

  • ARC research grants (7 ARC grants active at present)
    • DP220100306 YS Shen, et al "Modelling of polydisperse particle-fluid reacting flows", ARC-Discovery Project, A$390k.
    • LP200100106 YS Shen, et al "Data-driven monitoring of raceway dynamics in ironmaking blast furnaces", ARC-Linkage Project, A$540k.
    • IC200100023 R Amal and 19 CIs, "ARC Training Centre for The Global Hydrogen Economy", ARC Industrial Transformation Training Centres 2020 round 1, $4.92m.
    • FT190100361 YS Shen, "Data-driven modelling of complex reactive flows", ARC Future Fellowship, A$ 878k.
    • DP180101232 YS Shen, et al “Modelling of particle-fluid reactive flows coupled with phase changes”, ARC-Discovery Project, A$342k.
    • LP160101100 YS Shen, et al “Preparation and use of lignite-iron ore composite briquettes for ironmaking”, ARC-Linkage Project, A$394k.
    • LP150100112 YS Shen, et al “Multiscale study of raceway operations for low-cost and stable ironmaking”, ARC-Linkage Project, A$550k.
    • LP120200469 AB Yu and YS Shen, “Model studies of new ironmaking processes”, ARC-Linkage Project, A$540k.
    Several grants from ACARP, ARENA, CRC-P and BAJC as lead CI/co-CI, for example:
    • ARENA project in evaluation of co-injecting hydrogen and Australian PCI Coals.
    • ARENA project in renewable energy (A highly efficient, low-cost and eco-friendly recycling technology for silicon photovoltaics), A$1.36m.
    • CRC-P project, "Increased recycling of plastics by sensing and treating label contamination", A$650k.
    • Sole CI in ACARP e.g., C26041.
    • ARENA projects e.g. RND2017/011 (Tandem solar cell), RND2018/014 (PVE for H2 generation, 2019-2022), RND2018/015  (Biomass for H2 generation, 2019-2022).
    • BAJC e.g., BA14026 and BA19007.
  • Long-term industry engagements established with leading Australian/overseas industries, including:

    • Baosteel
    • Rio Tinto
    • BlueScope Steel
    • Coal Energy Australia
    • ACARP
    • BHP Billiton
    • Peabody Energy
    • Jellinbah Resources
    • PEGRAS

    As evidenced by joint ARC grants and industry projects, and the employment potential of PhD graduates.