Transforming the future

UNOVA's Research on Digital Services and Fintech

Someone using a virtual interface

This theme aims to examine the development of pioneering financial products, innovative business models, and the infusion of technology across various industries. By leveraging the potential of digital services and fintech, UNOVA aims to impact institutions, regulators, customers, suppliers, professionals, and merchants.

Embracing the Synergy: AI and Fintech, towards Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

At the core of this research theme lies the fusion of artificial intelligence (AI) and fintech. This exciting amalgamation represents a natural progression in their respective evolutions. However, the lack of comprehensive understanding of AI's consequences and the delineation of resulting harm have been stumbling blocks. By revealing both pitfalls and opportunities, under this research theme, UNOVA paves the way for a more thoughtful design and deployment of powerful technologies. The goal is to ensure that AI systems become true allies to humanity, aiding us in all dimensions of activities and enhancing our lives in profound ways.

Unleashing the Web3 Economy

The convergence of fintech and AI holds immense potential, transcending the limitations of our physical existence. Within the realm of Web3, a

major explosion of economic activities awaits. To ignite this economic engine, four key elements are essential: Free Movement of Economic Value, Tokenization of Assets, Self-Sovereign Identity (data & identity control), and Predefined Rules of Engagement. By leveraging rigorous research, we aim to elucidate the fundamental design principles underlying these four crucial elements of Web3. Through our expertise and insights, we seek to shape a future where the Web3 economy thrives on inclusivity, innovation, and responsible practices.