Pushing urban innovation

UNOVA's Research theme on Smart Cities and Innovation

An aerial photograph of a city with a virtual grid over the top

This theme aims to leverage innovative technologies and forward-thinking strategies, enhance economic growth, promote sustainable and efficient transportation systems, empower individuals through digitalization, improve the quality of life for residents, and optimize governance processes.

Developing Ecosystems

A smart city is more than just a collection of advanced technologies. It is a holistic ecosystem that integrates people, businesses, policies, laws, and processes to deliver transformative solutions. By embracing this ecosystem view, we engage a wide range of stakeholders to collaboratively shape the cities of tomorrow. We are continuously working to address critical questions and unlock opportunities that arise from this convergence.

We help cities and organizations understand the true costs and benefits of adopting new technologies. By evaluating opportunity costs, we demonstrate the tangible advantages that arise from embracing innovation.

At UNOVA, our expertise lies in creating technology for asset management within smart city infrastructure. We specialize in evaluating smart power grids and advanced telecommunications networks, assessing their value, risks, and investment strategies. Our collaborations with government entities, organizations, and businesses focus on adopting customer-centric approaches and enhancing user experiences. Our methods foster ideas that lead to intelligent urban planning and innovative solutions. Through our work, UNOVA’s research team strives to transform cities into intelligent, interconnected, and future-ready hubs that maximize the well-being and prosperity of their inhabitants.