About us

The Water Research Centre (WRC) undertakes multidisciplinary research in water and environmental engineering. Our researchers develop tools to improve the management and sustainability of aquatic and atmospheric environments.

Air Quality Analysis Preparation Tube cleaning

WRC had its beginnings over 60 years ago and in that time the scope of our research and activities has broadened substantially. Today we are one of the largest centres at UNSW and we have two locations serving more than 50 staff and supporting more than 70 PhD students.

The WRC Director is Scientia Associate Professor Fiona Johnson and our Deputy Director is Dr Bojan Tamburic. Within the WRC we have three working groups focusing on research, though leadership and culture to support our WRC strategy. The working groups include representatives from academics, research staff and PhD candidates.

The WRC centre manager is Ms Paula Ploysarak who brings to the WRC extensive experience in finance and administration from her roles at UNSW as well as at the ABC and ANSTO.

Scientia Associate Professor Fiona Johnson

Director’s message

The WRC is a diverse and inclusive research centre within the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering. We undertake research on water and the atmosphere so that industry and governments can ensure policy and infrastructure contribute to human and planetary wellbeing. As WRC director I am excited to lead our team’s work with a range of industry and government partners as well as our international research collaborators to deliver new technologies, research methods and improve our understand of water and atmospheric systems. We welcome new research partnerships and collaborations, as well as short term and long term visitors to the WRC. Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about working with us.

Our history

Our history as a leading Australian water research organisation forms the base on which we have grown – now we're able to apply our experience and critical thinking across more than just water, into a diverse range of related fields.

  • Atmospheric emissions and odour
  • Hydroclimatology
  • Climate change impact assessments
  • Water quality and treatment processes
  • Lifecycle assessment and sustainability
  • Carbon and water footprinting
  • Risk assessment
  • Hydrogeology
  • Civil and environmental hydraulics
  • Coastal engineering

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Our people

Our team is made up of staff in the Water Research Centre and Water Research Laboratory.

HDR students

Meet our PhD students who are undertaking diverse research projects.

Contact us

For all enquiries, view our key contacts at WRC Kensington and the Water Research Laboratory at Manly Vale.