Our facilites

The Water Research Centre has a large variety of equipment for conducting research and investigations.

Prepare standard for ultra-low trace organic chemical analysis using LC-MS TQ

Water Quality Laboratories

  • Radiation Laboratory
  • PC2 Laboratory and Clean Room
  • Pilot Hall
  • Odour Laboratory
  • Analytical Laboratory
  • Fumehood Laboratory

Manly Vale

The hydraulics laboratories at WRL are the largest and most comprehensive in Australia. The Water Research Laboratory occupies 4 ha of land immediately downstream of Manly Dam, and has 4 fully equipped laboratories for research and specialist consulting studies. The laboratories contain a variety of standard facilities in addition to open space, which is used for the construction of large scale physical models.

Facilities and equipment

  • Soils Laboratory
  • 3 metre, 1 metre and  0.6 metre Wave Flumes
  • Well Tank
  • Wave Basin
  • Centrifuge Permeameter
  • Hydraulic Instrumentation
  • Oceanographic Equipment
  • Groundwater Field Equipment
  • Numerical Modelling
  • Rainfall simulator
  • Survey Equipment
  • Hydrology equipment
  • Wave Follower
  • Coastal Imaging