Dr Adam Hulbert

Dr Adam Hulbert

Senior Lecturer
Arts,Design & Architecture
School of the Arts and Media

Adam researches into media and music, and is active as an experimental composer, performer and sound designer.  

He founded and performs with the Sydney City Humanoid Electronic Modular Ensemble. He directs the Sound Lab Ensemble at UNSW. He has a range of public works and commissions, including a three year residency with radio 2SER to remix free-to-air television live, a month-long installation in Martin Place using archival audio and motion sensors, video art for Deborah Kelly and live performance in the Sydney Opera House of a  commissioned radio dramatisation of an unpublished work by author John Birmingham.

His studio works include publication as part of the online Cities and Memories project which worked with field recordings of protests from Nauru Regional Processing Centre and an early field recording from Mississippi State Penitentiary (No More my Lawd), sound design for feminist artist Deborah Kelly’s video work Lying Women, an experimental audio documentary on author Philip K. Dick and classical music (The Owl in Daylight) that was commissioned by Radio National, and a modular synthesis album Phonoccultural Studies that explores the concepts forwarded by the global Occulture research group. He was recently commissioned by ABC music to produce long form audio for the ABC Kids Sleep Through program.

A founder of the Machine Music Research Collective, he has a range of publications around hyperstition and phonnoculture, soundscapes in literature and communication theory.


(20) 9385 1115
108 Robert Webster
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  • Recorded / Rendered Creative Works | 2022
    Hulbert A; Zielanoka A, 2022, Oceans Reimagined, Editor(s): Hulbert A, Published: 10 January 2022, Duration: 00:08:17, Recorded / Rendered Creative Works, https://pueblonuevo.cl/catalogo/oceans-reimagined/
    Recorded / Rendered Creative Works | 2022
    Hulbert A; Zielonka A, 2022, CRYPTD, Editor(s): Hulbert A, Published: 23 May 2022, Recorded / Rendered Creative Works, https://eightyt.bandcamp.com/album/cryptd
    Recorded / Rendered Creative Works | 2022
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    Recorded / Rendered Creative Works | 2022
    Palangi A; Hulbert A, 2022, Break, Swing Wing Productions, Australia, Editor(s): Palangi A, Digital Video, Published: 05 May 2022, Duration: 15 minutes, Recorded / Rendered Creative Works, https://www.aminpalangi.com/films/break/
    Recorded / Rendered Creative Works | 2021
    Hulbert A; Exile T, 2021, We Made A Door: Building a Next-Generation Collaborative Music Platform, Published: 12 December 2021, Duration: 00:22:31, Recorded / Rendered Creative Works, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UiHmJRARMe0
    Recorded / Rendered Creative Works | 2021
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    Conference Papers | 2021
    Weng L; Hulbert A; Gibbs E; Schubert E, 2021, 'SLEEP through SURVEYED: USAGE and EFFICACY of STREAMED SOUNDSCAPES CREATED to HELP INFANTS SLEEP', in Proceedings of the Sound and Music Computing Conferences, pp. 253 - 260
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    Creative Works (non-textual) | 2019
    Hulbert A; Trevaks S, 2019, Undercurrents, Undercurrrents, Esme Tibery Creative Practice Lab, 04 November 2019 - 04 November 2019
    Music Compositions | 2019
    Hulbert A; Young P; Hepworth K, 2019, No More My Lawd (Adam Hulbert reimagination), Publication: Cities and Memory project / All We Can't See: Illustrating the Nauru Files, publication category: Music Compositions, https://citiesandmemory.com/2016/04/no-more-my-lawd/
    Conference Presentations | 2019
    Hulbert A, 2019, 'Encountering a Fairlight CMI: A provocation for adjacency as a compositional tool', presented at SAM Seminar series, UNSW, Kensington, 16 March 2019, https://sam.arts.unsw.edu.au/events/sam-seminar-the-fairlight/
    Music Compositions | 2019
    Hulbert A, 2019, Sleep Through Collection, Series 2 (Waterfall, River, Rice Fields, Pond, Canopy and Bushland), Publication: ABC Music, publication category: Music Compositions, https://www.abc.net.au/kidslisten/sleep-through/
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