Facts & figures

  • ADA Alumna Concept Lead
    development of an original Honours project
  • 10+ Collaborators
    participated in the project
  • Intended Release Date
    O-Week 2023

Project Overview

Empathy has no script. There is no right way or wrong way to do it. It’s simply listening, holding space, withholding judgement, emotionally connecting, and communicating that incredibly healing message of “You’re not alone."

Brené Brown

The Empathy Project is a co-produced creative collaboration between the ADA Innovation Hub and the office of the Pro Vice Chancellor Education and Student Experience (PVCESE). Building upon the design research project of an ADA Design Honours student in 2020, the project seeks to produce an immersive 360 experience that explores the social challenges faced by first-year International Students at UNSW. Through immersion, interaction, and a branching narrative controlled by the user, the experience seeks to build empathy between international and domestic students regarding the different social challenges that students navigate in their first year at university that can lead to a sense of social isolation. In addition to building empathy and encouraging greater relationality in first year, the immersive experience will also point students to support and services that the PVCESE offer to assist with the transition into tertiary education.

Project Sponsors: Simon McIntyre (Director, Educational Innovation, PVCESE) Carly Vickers (Academic Lead, ADA Innovation Hub)

Concept Design: Patience Loh (UNSW Alumni and Industry Designer)

Academic Lead: Amin Palangi (Lecturer, School of Arts and Media)

Project Manager: Melody Framp (ADA Innovation Hub)

Technical Producer: Graham Hannah (Manager, Immersive technologies, PVCESE)

Technical Team: Brian Landrigan (Manager, Educational Media and Immersive Technologies)

Technical Team: Xueqing (Sherry) Lu (Immersive Technology Specialist)

Script Writers: David Curzon (MPhil Student, Script Writer and Director, School of Arts and Media) and Yasmin Malak (Undergraduate student, School of Arts and Media)