Mr Christopher Pearce

Mr Christopher Pearce

Senior Lecturer

Chris is a graduate of the University of Sydney (BA, LLB (Hons I), LLM).

Law & Justice
School of Private & Commercial Law

Chris is a Senior Lecturer in private law. 

Before joining UNSW Law in 2019, Chris held positions at the University of Sydney, the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and Thomson Reuters.

Chris has served as one of UNSW's LGBTIQ+ Diversity Champions, a member of the Early Career Academic Network (ECAN) executive and an elected member of UNSW Academic Board and is a current executive committee member of the Australasian Law Academics Association. 

  • Book Chapters | 2021
    Pearce C, 2021, 'Caveat Emptor or Caveat Venditor? Stigmatised Properties and Obligations of Disclosure', in Modern Studies in Property Law, Volume 11, Bloomsbury Publishing
  • Journal articles | 2021
    Pearce C, 2021, 'Book Review: Andrew Robertson and James Goudkamp (eds), Form and Substance in the Law of Obligations (Hart Publishing, 2019)', Torts Law Journal, 26, pp. 289 - 293
    Journal articles | 2020
    Pearce C, 2020, 'Fraud, the In Personam Exception and Enforcing the Undertakings of Predecessors', Australian Law Journal, 94, pp. 662 - 662
    Journal articles | 2019
    Pearce C, 2019, 'The Problem of Perfection: Can Equity Provide a Solution?', Australian Property Law Journal, 27, pp. 26 - 41,
    Journal articles | 2019
    2019, 'Fixtures and Forge',
    Journal articles | 2018
    Pearce C, 2018, 'Does the 'One-Stop Shop' need refurbishing? Evaluating the review jurisdiction of the NSW Land and Environment Court', Environmental and Planning Law Journal, 35, pp. 235 - 246,
    Journal articles | 2018
    Pearce C, 2018, 'It Pays to Prepare: The Value of Tutorial Pre-preparation Tasks', Australian Journal of Adult Learning, 58, pp. 226 - 245
    Journal articles | 2017
    Pearce C, 2017, 'The Search for a Long-term Solution to Short-term Rentals: The Rise of Airbnb and the Sharing Economy', University of Tasmania Law Review, 35, pp. 58 - 78
    Journal articles | 2016
    Pearce C, 2016, 'A Broken Record: Amending and Removing Registrations on the PPSA', Australian Property Law Journal, 25, pp. 173 - 182,
    Journal articles | 2016
    Pearce C, 2016, 'Retention of Old Titles: Pre-PPSA Retention of Title Agreements and Unfair Preferences', Australian Business Law Review, 44, pp. 397 - 403,
  • Conference Presentations | 2020
    Pearce C, 2020, 'Caveat Venditor: Stigmatised Properties and Obligations of Disclosure', presented at ANU Private Law Early Career Researcher Conference 2020, Australian National University Canberra, 08 July 2020 - 10 July 2020

UNSW Students' Choice Teaching Award 2022

UNSW Scientia Education Academy Exemplary Teaching Practice Award - Inspiring Students 2022

UNSW Vice Chancellor's Values in Action Award Winner 2023 - Embracing Diversity




My Teaching

Principles of Private Law (LAWS1150, JURD7150)

Contracts (LAWS1075, JURD7175)

Equity and Trusts (LAWS2385, JURD7285)

Land Law (LAWS2383, JURD7283)

Conveyancing (LAWS3135, JURD7435)