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Whether you’re looking for the next big step in your career or just starting out, one thing’s for sure: you need a dynamic knowledge and skill set to get you where you want to go – now and into the future.  

At UNSW Sydney, you'll be supported in your journey to shape your interests into a career that drives progress in a field that you’re passionate about. With the backing of the #1 university in Australia for Career Outcomes and Employment Outcomes*, your career possibilities are endless. From renewable energy to public health, sustainable cities to human rights, you can build a career that improves people’s lives worldwide. Let's get started. 

Join Australia's most employable graduates*

Don’t rise to the top, start there. UNSW has been awarded the Most Employable Students Award in the AFR Top100 Future Leaders Awards for five consecutive years (2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024). 

You’ll join a global community of adaptable and workforce-ready graduates across 140 countries. Alongside work-ready skills, you’ll gain a life-long professional network to help nurture and accelerate your career. 

For 2024 Ashurt Law Top100 Future Leader Award Finalist, Emily Calbert, studying her Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)/Law at UNSW is “so much more than learning from leading academics. Since day one of my degree, UNSW has equipped me with the practical skills to tackle real-world problems in my future career. There is no linear definition of success, and the supportive culture at UNSW has inspired me to pursue what I am passionate about. I am truly grateful for the staff and peers who have been some of my greatest motivators, encouraging me to step outside of my comfort zone, and ultimately hope to inspire others to challenge themselves to reach their full potential throughout my career."

Employability starts with you

... And your passions and interests! Accelerating your career is about so much more than just gaining work-ready skills. At UNSW, you'll get support to build on your strengths and identify opportunities to leverage your unique potential and drive – so you can boost your employability and develop your interests across a range of real-world applications while you're at it.

Whether you're interested in Business, Engineering, Arts, Design & Architecture, Science, Law & Justice, and/or Medicine & Health, discover degrees that align with your passions. 

“As most migrants in Australia, finding a career that is directly related to my professional qualification was not easy. I had no local experience which is what most companies are looking for. I have a bachelor's degree in Psychology and [a] Master of Science in Industrial Psychology, and an extensive experience in HR in the financial services industry. I was keen to pivot my career into Strategy and Transformation and doing a postgraduate study in AGSM Change Management was my springboard to do so."

Misty Alcantara
AGSM Change Management alum | Senior Change and Transformation Manager at Westpac 

Get the support you need for the career you want

When it comes to getting career-ready, there's no one-size- fits-all approach. Our UNSW Employability service offers coaching, mentoring and real-world experiences that support your unique career goals.

Our team will work with you to personalise your journey – so you can develop the skills, experiences and attributes you need to kick-start the future you want.

"Projects at UNSW provided invaluable direction for me to pursue my interest and fostered my passion for sustainability that now permeates my personal and professional life. My university projects equipped me with the tools to translate this passion into action, and I developed and elevated both of my technical knowledge and employability skills such as leadership. 

Today, I'm a Research and Development (R&D) intern at a multinational company, actively contributing to developing sustainable ideas and solutions. This opportunity wouldn't exist without the unique combination of technical knowledge and leadership skills gained through UNSW. They not only scratched that initial itch but equipped me to actively shape a more sustainable future." 

Thanuskan Indrakumar 
UNSW Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Chemical)2024 Jacobs Sustainability Top100 Future Leader Award Finalist

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The world faces monumental challenges. It always has. But if you look around, progress is everywhere. People are coming together, imagining a better future. The progress we make together can improve people's lives worldwide. It all starts with you.

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