Program overview

5 years
3 Industry placements

Career opportunities

Chemical Product Engineers love understanding product function and performance as well as how people use and perceive those products. They never stop innovating to envision completely new products and functions that benefit society and their company’s bottom line. 

With an emphasis on product design and development, Chemical Product Engineering is a new frontier for chemical engineers, with high relevance among both industrial and scientific communities. As a career, it incorporates technical and entrepreneurial skills needed to innovate, develop and design novel chemical and consumer products for large and small employers. From cosmetics, drugs and solar cells to advanced biomedical devices, your ability to identify and meet customer needs will ensure your success.

The breadth of training we offer ensures a wealth of opportunity and a flexible career path. This may involve entry into a company via the research/technical laboratory, and progression via manufacturing as a production manager to plant manager. Alternatively, graduates may progress through sales (via technical support positions) to product marketing or management. Many Chemical Product Engineering graduates have reached senior management and research positions in Australia and overseas.

Being able to get a sense for the different roles within my field before I graduate really helped me in deciding on my current career. During my placements I had roles which are outside of my expertise especially in business administration and marketing. The experience was invaluable within my current career. The program also made me become more confident in communicating my works and in interacting with people and colleagues from all sort of backgrounds.
Co-op Program
Robert Utama
Chemical Product Engineering