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Connecting students with leading brands, technology giants, financial heavyweights, cutting edge start-ups, sustainability leaders and government.

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Industry training

Up to 18-months of relevant industry experience with multiple companies during your degree provides invaluable insight into the real world of work in your chosen profession.

Leadership & professional development

Enhance your leadership, teamwork and communication skills through challenging, skills based, hands-on camps and interactive workshops.

Networking opportunities

Co-op events help you create professional and social networks, make the most of university life, and cultivate skills essential for graduate recruitment and carer development.


A large support network of Co-op Alumni assist your transition to university and enhances your academic and career pursuits.

A Co-op Program scholarship provides industry training, professional development, networking and financial support for selected undergraduate students in the disciplines of Business, Engineering, and Science.

Today, it is the largest and most prestigious scholarship program of its type in Australia and a leader in career development learning. There are over 300 current Co-op scholars who join more than 3,500 UNSW Co-op Alumni. The experience and networks our scholars develop enrich their time at university and give them an invaluable head start upon entering the work force.

Your career journey starts here

Co-op scholarship offers a community of learners and mentors, support and guidance, excellent job prospects, and the best uni experience. The people I meet become not just study partners, but lifelong friends.
savannah worth
Savannah Worth
Actuarial Studies Scholar


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We offer scholarships across our Business, Technology and Engineering streams.
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