Australia’s leading employers are gaining early access to some of the nation’s best and brightest students by providing Co-op scholarships and professional development to exceptional students at UNSW.

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Sponsors are directly involved in the selection of scholars for the program. Representatives are invited to participate in interview panels with academics and the Co-op team to select the scholar.

Industry experience

Sponsors are key in providing Co-op scholars with industry training and experience.


Sponsors are given first access to the graduating cohort each year at Recruitment Events, where they can talk to scholars and offer graduate positions if appropriate.

Scholar/program engagement

Sponsors are also involved as speakers at many of our Co-op events for both future and current students.

Some Current Co-op Sponsors

RES is delighted to step into a meaningful collaboration as a new sponsor of the UNSW Co-op Scholarship Program. This partnership is a testament to our belief in the potential of young talent. By connecting with these aspiring minds, we aim to provide not only opportunities but also a platform for learning and growth. We look forward to working together, learning from each other, and creating a future of innovation
Belinda Reynolds
Head of People & Culture, RES Australia
We consider the UNSW Co-op Program to be world class and are proud to be a sponsor. We are confident in the calibre of the scholars to operate and perform well in global markets and have purposefully incorporated an international placement for our allocated scholars. Going forward, Arowana expects to be hiring more UNSW Co-op scholars and offer them a pathway to impact orientated entrepreneurial careers in Australia and globally.
Kevin Chin
Founder and Chairman, Arowana & Co-op ACC90 Alumnus

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