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Joining the Co-op community at UNSW enables you to form life changing connections and opens up a world of opportunities. As a scholar, not only do you gain academic and professional insight from alumni, older scholars, and the broader Co-op community, but you'll also start forming your professional and social network from day one.

The community of Co-op scholars forms a unique culture that supports you to succeed in many different areas of both personal and professional life. Scholars not only participate in Co-op workshops, alumni mentoring and events, but many take part in case competitions, hackathons and charity events together, further strengthening them as a social and professional cohort.


On placement, scholars act as employees, upholding professional standards in performance, attire, hours and tasks. Depending on the sponsor pool, scholars may work at different companies.

Studies during placement

Scholars studying Business, BIS and CMP are required to complete at least one course whilst on placement. Placement timing and duration vary by stream.

Employment after graduation

While there is no formal obligation between Co-op scholars and sponsors for graduate recruitment, 76% of scholars (on average) accept graduate employment with sponsors.

The Co-op experience

Co-op offers unique experiences to learn and grow through:

  • meaningful and challenging industry training experience
  • leadership training & professional development
  • social and professional networking opportunities  
  • academic, peer and alumni mentoring.

You'll receive financial support of $21,600 p.a. for four years.

Check out our current programs

UNSW Co-op Scholarships are offered across a range of program streams in Business, Technology, Engineering & Science. Click through to see a list of our current programs.

Please note that not all programs are offered every year. Interviews will only be offered for a stream once sponsorship is confirmed.

This scholarship was the best thing to have ever happened to me. My Co-op experience really made my university experience - having friends from different degrees, truly getting a taste of what my career would be like during university, having a streamlined recruitment process, networking, mentoring, soft skill development, leadership camp, giving back to the Program as an ambassador and having a steady stream of income so that I can fully immerse myself in the university experience.
Sophia Songberg
Sophia Songberg
Actuarial Studies scholar

UNSW Gateway Admission Pathway

The UNSW Gateway Admission Pathway offers early entry to UNSW or an adjusted lower ATAR entry requirement for a range of degrees for students in Year 12 who either attend a Gateway school or whose home address meets Socio-Economic Indexes for Areas (SEIFA). The UNSW Co-op Program supports the UNSW Gateway initiative, recognising that ATAR is not the only indicator of a student’s potential. As a Career Development Program, we understand the enormous richness & value that comes from diversity.

For students in the Gateway cohort the Co-op Program considers an adjusted minimum ATAR of 90, and offers up to 4 Gateway placements each year.

  • The Co-op application process for Gateway students is not connected to the Gateway Admission Pathway process for an early conditional offer.

    · You will need to apply for a Co-op Scholarship through the Co-op Application portal, and the Interview & Offer process runs in parallel with any Gateway Application.

    · Our system will recognise that you are a student from a Gateway School, and this will be taken into consideration in assessment of your application, and we will work with UNSW Admissions team to make offers with the wider ATAR consideration if required.

    Find out more about the UNSW Gateway Program here