The Co-op experience is truly global. Scholars have the opportunity to see the world through international exchange, international placements, international policy scholarships, as well as connecting with alumni working all over the world.

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There is an opportunity in every program stream to go on an international study exchange and the Co-op Program strongly encourages our scholars to take up that opportunity if they can.

Travelling abroad for study opens our scholars’ eyes to new cultures, new networks of people, and new ideas. We believe exchange pushes our scholars to develop their leadership skills, independence, resilience, cultural awareness and broaden their minds to think about new ways of life.


The Co-op Program is developing international relationships with industry partners outside of Australian borders and where we can, we look to secure international placement opportunities for our scholars. The combined opportunity for our scholars to immerse themselves in a new work place in a new culture is invaluable.

Some of our scholars have undertaken placements in China, Norway, America and Singapore.

We can’t guarantee international placements, however any scholar accepting a scholarship in a program that has potential overseas sponsors must be prepared to travel.

International Policy Scholarships

Each year in collaboration with Global Voices, a not for profit organisation whose mission is to provide opportunities for young Australians to engage with international policy both at home and abroad, the Co-op Program offers two fully funded opportunities to our final year scholars to receive International Policy Scholarships offering the chance to attend and contribute to some of the world’s most prestigious and significant meetings, forums and events. Selected scholars meet and engage with high level officials and government representatives and network with talented youth from around the world.

Final year Co-op scholars compete for this opportunity by submitting written applications detailing a research proposal that if selected will be written up into a paper that is submitted as a contribution to the nominated world conference.

This opportunity offers our scholars the chance of a lifetime to contribute to global policy on the world stage!

“During the week of the IMF/WB Annual Meetings, each day provided a new opportunity to engage in global issues through talks presented by leading experts from the WB, IMF, private companies and NGOs. At the end of each day, our team reflected by using the rose, thorn, bud template. The “rose” represents all of the successes from the day, the “thorn” all possible challenges and the “bud” represents new ideas or takeaways
Julian Garratt
Data Science & Decisions scholar

Other amazing opportunities

Our scholars make a global impact through a range of initiatives and experiences including International Case Competitions, competitive sport, etc. on the international stage.

  • The competition consisted of 19 universities from all across the world cracking cases on the American companies OneBlood, etectRx, and Zevo. After placing last in the first case, we came back to win both the second and third case in our division before making the finals and coming third overall
    Daniel Liu
    Actuarial Studies scholar
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  • Competing and representing Australia at the 2023 IJRU World Jump Rope Championships was an amazing and unforgettable experience. I met so many skillful skippers from around the world and have been inspired by the incredible routines that were displayed. I am also very proud of my team's performance where we managed to win gold at the International Open Tournament in various events.
    Christian Maskito
    Computer Science scholar
  • I play Bridge, a complex card game, like chess, defined by strategy, tactic, logic and deductive reasoning skills. We came 10/20, the best result Australia's U21 team has seen to date! It was amazing getting to meet likeminded individuals from across the world and travel to play a game which I love.
    Lara Topper
    Data Science & Decisions scholar