Healthy oceans and coastlines

Sustainable, solutions-orientated research to protect our marine ecosystems.

Ocean and coastlines throughout the world are as valuable as they are unique. Not only do we need to protect our marine ecosystems as they battle the impacts of climate change and other anthropogenic pressures, but there is an ongoing need to respond to risks to our coastlines and estuaries too.
Challenges like sea level rise, storm surge and pollution all require action — but the solution must be fit for the local environment and context. We help to research and implement activities that improve predictions and include both natural and engineered solutions.

Our activities

  • Marine ecosystem protection

  • Advancing the blue economy

  • Capacity building for water quality protection

  • Solutions for coastal monitoring and erosion control 

  • Citizen science initiatives

  • Pollution control systems and technologies

  • Sustainable aquaculture projects

  • School education and outreach. 

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