Water Governance and Security

Helping countries and communities make critical water decisions for now and for the future.

There is no single model of water governance that enables water to be managed equitably and effectively throughout the world.
Different political contexts, economies, ecosystems, weather patterns and social structures all influence the overarching structures that define how available water resources are best managed.  
We focus on the research, development, implementation and promotion of responsible actions that prioritise water sustainability while optimising benefits across multiple sectors. Our work helps countries and communities both within Australia and overseas to make critical water decisions for now and for the future.

Our activities

  • Research and advice on legal frameworks and institutions

  • Research and advice on water regulation and allocation

  • Water modelling advice and implementation 

  • Sustainability assessments

  • Facilitation of collaborative governance models

  • Building food and water resilience

  • Advancing renewable energy technologies 

  • Co-design of local, community-led water solutions

  • Innovative models for water accounting and finance

  • Support for a circular economy

  • Global research on water leadership and decision-making 

  • Engagement with multilateral organisations

  • Supporting productive dialogue and debate on effective water management.

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