• Applications for Clerkships must be made using the application form and not to individual hospitals. 

    We are currently closed for new applications, the link to application will be posted on 15 May 2023

    Always visit the Clerkships page prior to applying, to ensure we are currently accepting applications. 

    We will delete any applications received outside acceptance period, unless specifically authorised.

    Please ensure that you’ve read all Clerkship information before you start your application and that you have the correct supporting documents.  

    1. Submit an initial online application with all your contact details, requested dates and specialisation/discipline preferences
    2. You will receive an acknowledgement email that includes link to an application (pdf form) to download. The application form must be completed, signed and stamped by your medical school.
    3. Pay the AUD$100 non-refundable Administration Fee via the link provided in the email
    4. The application form and supporting documents must emailed to clerkships@med.unsw.edu.au by the deadline advised in the email (typically 6 weeks of application opening date).
    5. For any questions regarding application, email clerkships@med.unsw.edu.au  or call +61 2 9385 8909

     Important details to note:

    • Your application will not progress until the Clerkship Coordinator receives all supporting documents and you have paid the Administration Fee. 
    • Applications for the UNSW Medicine Clerkship Program are subject to the availability of clinical resources and an offer can be withdrawn at any time.
    • UNSW Medicine can only potentially offer one specialisation/discipline placement per student and cannot split a placement between different specialisations, disciplines, units or hospitals.
    • With the exception of Paediatrics and Obstetrics & Gynaecology, you must select your top three specialisation/discipline preferences, in order of your preference from the list of areas of study.    
    • If your top three specialisation/discipline choices are not available, the Clerkship Coordinator will consult with you.
  • Make sure you have prepared the documents listed below to support your application.

    These documents are required to support your application: 

    • Your application form should be printed, completed and signed. The last page of the application has to be endorsed by your medical school and include a signature and an official university stamp. 

    • Students applying from a non-English speaking Medical School must provide evidence of English Proficiency. 

    • You will need your institution to issue you with an academic transcript.  

    • You must provide your curriculum vitae (CV) or resume.    

      PLEASE NOTE - If you are applying for a Trauma placement at Liverpool Hospital, an outline of your interest and reasons for pursuing trauma placement must accompany your CV.

    • When you submit the application, you will receive a confirmation email with the next steps (subject containing "Clerkship application form submitted successfully"). If you didn't receive it, please check your spam/junk folder and then email clerkships@med.unsw.edu.au
    • Upon receipt of your initial supporting documents and administration fees, a request for your preferred placement will be forwarded to your preferred hospital. Please note, it can take up to six weeks before you know the outcome of your request. 
    • If a placement and supervisor are available, an offer will be emailed to you.
    • Once you receive an Offer, you will be required to pay the AUD 400 Placement Fee and upload your ‘Acceptance of Offer’ within two weeks of receiving your offer, or your offer will be withdrawn. 
    • All relevant Compliance documents required by NSW Department of Health, must be uploaded to your application as soon as possible or at least eight weeks prior to your placement commencement date. This ensures you have sufficient time to action any compliance gaps e.g. immunisation, police checks. Please note, UNSW is bound by policies of NSW Health and you must be Fully Compliant to attend a placement.
    • You must provide evidence of the medical indemnity insurance from your medical school while you are on Clerkship. This must indicate that you are covered for professional medical indemnity, not only travel and personal health insurance.
    • If your school does not provide Medical Indemnity Insurance, please obtain cover from a private professional indemnity organisation, such as MIPS, AVANT and MEGA. Many organisations offer a free cover to medical students. Please email the certificate to clerkships@med.unsw.edu.au prior to start date, or you will not be allowed to commence placement.
    • If overseas you must book your flights to arrive in Australia 1 week before your placement start date. NSW Health requires Clerkship students to register their three COVID doses in Australian Immunisation Register by visiting at a GP (doctor) in Australia. Before the appointment, you need to apply for IHI number, and after you receive the certificate, you need to redact the IHI number before emailing the certificate to NSW Health.
  • For any questions regarding application, email clerkships@med.unsw.edu.au  or call +61 2 9385 8909