The visit aimed to strengthen the growing engagement between UNSW and PNG UniTech, with a focus on how our science and engineering capabilities could support development in Papua New Guinea. Prof. Renagi toured several of UNSW’s schools and labs, including:

Prof. Ora Renagi visits the UNSW Food Science and Technology Labs
Prof. Ora Renagi tours the AVIE at the Immersive Technology Laboratory

Notably, Prof. Renagi attended the inauguration of UNSW Science’s Pact for Impact initiative and pledged PNG UniTech’s commitment as a pioneer partner, vowing to drive the positive impact of science on our world.

Prof. Ora Renagi at the Pact for Impact inauguration

Our invitation to Prof. Ora Renagi to visit our Kensington campus followed up on progress made by the UNSW delegation to Port Moresby in August 2023, where a series of leadership and technical meetings were held with colleagues at PNG UniTech.

The development of regional activities in the Asia-Pacific - such as our ongoing engagement with PNG UniTech - that position UNSW as a critical intermediary at the intersection of development, with security and governance, are of increasing significance to our university.

Prof. Renagi visits the ENG Makerspaces
Prof. Renagi with A/Prof. N. Alice Lee

More about Professor Ora Renagi

Prof. Ora Renagi has served as Vice Chancellor of the PNG University of Technology since May 2019. Prior to his appointment, he was PNG University of Technology’s Deputy Vice Chancellor since 2014. He is a physicist, with his PhD in physics attained at the James Cook University, and his undergraduate degree from the University of PNG. He has a special interest in climate change and applies his technical skills across water resources, land-use planning and environmental consultancy. His technical interests include hydrogeochemistry (including contaminant transport assessment), geochemical modelling, GIS analysis, monitoring, risk assessment and reporting