Australian Centre for NanoMedicine

The Australian Centre for NanoMedicine (ACN) combines Medicine, Science and Engineering to deliver therapeutic solutions to research problems in medicine. ACN is a hub for nanomedicine research in Australia and through a commitment to research, education, knowledge transfer and commercialisation, ACN is dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis and curing of diseases, especially hard to treat diseases.

By taking the expertise that has been established across UNSW disciplines, ACN is a translational research centre based on a multidisciplinary approach that undertakes basic, clinical and institutional technological research.  This research is directed at increasing capabilities in specific disease focused programs by bringing biological scientists and nanotechnologists together to encourage collaboration and development of new technologies.


  • Vision

    Our vision is to merge nanoscale science and engineering with medicine to yield fundamental and translational impact to advance human health

  • Mission

    Our mission is to discover and translate cutting edge nano diagnostics and nanotherapeatics

  • Purpose

    Our purpose is to advance clinical impact and human health

Contact us

Australian Centre for NanoMedicine
The University of New South Wales
School of Chemistry
Level 7, Hilmer Building (E8)

Phone: +61 2 9385 9766