About us

Medicine and Health students in computer lab

The Australian Centre for NanoMedicine (ACN) was established in mid-2011 as a national innovator in NanoMedicine, bringing together a diverse team of leading researchers in Medicine, Science and Engineering to deliver the next generation of health innovations, and is dedicated to providing new solutions for therapeutics and diagnostics enabled by nanotechnology.

The key science that underpins all the activities of the Centre is to fully understand and exploit the unique properties of nanomaterials for various applications (eg. nanosensors for cell imaging and therapeutics for treating cancer). The Centre’s strategic vision is to create teams focused on particular diseases using Team ACN’s skills in drug delivery, diagnostics and imaging.

To succeed in this, it requires an integrated team of researchers coming from diverse backgrounds and we have assembled a remarkable team of highly distinguished scientists and engineers covering nanotechnology, polymer science, cancer biology, chemical engineering, microfluidics, chemistry, sensors and imaging, social science and experimental arts (3D imaging) from five UNSW faculties: Medicine, Science, Engineering, Arts & Social Sciences, and Arts and Design.

Our strategies for profiling and knowledge transfer include our publications and speaking at both scientific and stakeholder events. We encourage you to peruse our expansive catalogue of publications and encourage your contacting us to discuss our work, and importantly collaboration.

Diagnostics research

Devices & Imaging

Therapeutics research

Gene silencing drug delivery & multifunctional nanoparticles

Cell and Tissue Engineering research

Regenerative medicine & bone regeneration