Our main projects

Projects are the building blocks of progress. They are the means by which we turn our ideas into reality, our dreams into tangible achievements. Projects challenge us, inspire us, and push us to new heights of creativity and innovation.

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Main projects we are undertaking

P001: Software Engineering Practices for Machine Learning

This project investigates novel architectures & processes to efficiently label, train and test machine learning systems for business applications. This includes the use of AutoML and new collaborative “code-free” technologies to simplify AI system design/production within a large enterprise.

P002: Applying big data analytics and machine learning in Fintech

This project investigates new applications in the FinTech sector that involve the use of AI and machine learning techniques to process large amounts of structured and unstructured data to support decision making. Priority will be given to new applications that are addressing the challenges arising from the adoption of ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) regulations and guidelines worldwide.

P003: A Study of Enterprise Blockchain-Driven Connected Ecosystems

This research project seeks to examine the role of blockchain technologies to establish standards for public-private partnerships. The research seeks to examine how enterprise blockchain technologies and businesses enable mobility, trust, interoperability, and better workflow.

P004:  Enhancing Enterprise Architecture Modelling

The project aims to explore strategies for improving the quality of answers generated by Large Language Models (LLMs) in response to enterprise-related queries through the use of knowledge graphs to model enterprise and domain-specific ontology.

"Your main project is not just a task to complete, it's a journey to embark on. It's the opportunity to create something that will outlast you and make a difference in the world. It's the chance to challenge yourself, to grow, to learn, and to become the best version of yourself. So don't just approach your main project as a job to do, but as a calling to fulfill."

- Unknown.