This research project seeks to examine the role of blockchain technologies to establish standards for public-private partnerships. The research seeks to examine how enterprise blockchain technologies and businesses enable mobility, trust, interoperability, and better workflow.

The value of enterprise blockchain solutions to business ecosystems and services is significant. Whilst the promise of enterprise blockchain technology to achieve coherent, secure and efficient ways of doing businesses is clear, scholars and practitioners are in agreement that there is still a dearth of studies into how enterprise blockchain technology would be successfully integrated into business and digital ecosystems. However, organizational and industry level issues particularly with convergence persist. The industry recognises that several challenges remain, including the extent of business process change, its integration with legacy systems, its interoperability and scalability, structures of governance, unintended consequences are barriers to its adoption.

The project team will consist of fintech researchers from industry and academe across leading organizations in Singapore and Australia in a public private partnership for data collection and analysis. Researchers will adopt a qualitative approach and predominantly an interpretive stance for the research given the exploratory nature of the study. This includes a case study methodology which is particularly appropriate for investigating how business processes change, and what are the role of technology, and the development processes and frameworks that are not well understood.

This project aims to help the industry better understand the potential benefits of enterprise blockchain technology for business ecosystems.

The deliverables are:

  • Qualitative data from semi-structured interviews with government agencies, blockchain and fintech associations, practitioners, enterprise blockchain providers, Startups and SMEs etc.

  • Technical insights on the role of blockchain technologies to establish standards for public-private partnerships, to enable mobility, trust, interoperability and better workflow.

Research team:

Dr Eric Lim (Lead - UNSW Business School), A/Prof Felix Tan (UNSW Business School), Dr Ernie Teo (Dedoco, Blockchain Association Singapore, NUS Biz School).

Industry partners:

Blockchain Association of Singapore, Dedoco.