How can the law be used to keep vulnerable communities safe? Can human rights and social justice be protected? By joining UNSW Law & Justice you will help us proactively ensure, where there is potential for harm, there is also justice for all.

Help address global displacement

The world is seeing record numbers of forced migration. The Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law at UNSW has been recognised as an intellectual powerhouse with global impact. As a Senior Research Fellow, Madeline Gleeson is helping find lawful, sustainable and humane solutions for refugees. She brings clear analysis and intellect to public debate in an area that is highly politicised.
Be inspired by Madeline's work and help drive positive change for refugees around the world.
Madeline Gleeson, Senior Research Fellow. Fields of Interest marketing campaign still.

Meet Madeline Gleeson

Senior Research Fellow

Madeline Gleeson is a lawyer and award-winning author of Offshore: Behind the Wire on Manus and Nauru (NewSouth 2016). She's worked to support asylum seekers and refugees all over the globe including working at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Join Madeline in making an impact at UNSW Law & Justice.

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Help challenge everyday police powers

The Police Powers Clinic is a partnership between UNSW Law & Justice and the Redfern Legal Centre. Led by Senior Lecturer Dr Vicki Sentas, you can put your advocacy skills into practice by assisting clients to make complaints against the police – giving them access to justice. You’ll be challenged to critically analyse your perception of policing, police accountability and procedural fairness.
Be inspired by Vicki's work and help protect the needs of those most vulnerable.
Dr Vicki Sentas, Senior Lecturer. Fields of Interest marketing campaign still.

Meet Dr Vicki Sentas

Senior Lecturer

As a leader in criminal law, criminology and policing research, Dr Sentas is passionate about working with communities for social justice. Whether that’s by challenging systemic problems in the law, oppressive policing or racial profiling. Join Vicki in making an impact at UNSW Law & Justice.

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Your study options

If you want to help empower vulnerable communities, here are some degrees that will help you make a difference.

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